Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentations

We recommend that the maximum metric paper size is DIN A0 (84 cm × 119 cm, OR, 33.1 × 46.8 inches). We expect posters to be displayed in portrait orientation (height greater than width). You may print your poster in other (small) page sizes and assemble your poster as you wish on the poster boards that we will provide. Please take into account the size of your fonts and the level of magnification.

All poster presenters are required to bring their own poster(s) and we recommend to print them in advance. There are a number of copy shops close to the conference venue where the posters can be printed, however, many of them will be closed due to the holidays during ESCOM 2017.

Presenters will be responsible for mounting and removing their own posters. Posters can be set at lunchtime the day of your poster session and have to be removed – at the latest – by lunchtime the day after. The Organising Committee will not be responsible for posters that are not removed by this time. At least one author of each poster must be available during the timetabled poster sessions. To maximise the opportunities to talk to delegates about your work, we advise to be present at your designated poster board during tea and coffee breaks on the day of your poster presentation.


Spoken Presentations

Spoken presentations should be maximum 20 minutes in length and will be followed by 7 minutes for discussion and a 3-minute break for switching between presenters and/or conference rooms. As a presenter, you are required to carry out a technical check in the auditorium/room where you are presenting. The technical check should be performed 15 minutes before your session starts OR on Monday July 31th between 17h and 20h (during the registration time on Monday). We recommend you to bring your personal laptop and VGA connector for your presentation, but in case that is not possible, a basic Windows 7 computer will be available in every auditorium/room as well with PowerPoint 2013 installed.  If it is necessary for you to use the computer provided in the auditorium/room, please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB/flash drive (presenters with their own laptop are advised to bring such a copy as well as back-up). Meet your chair and technical assistant 10-15 minutes before the start of the session in which you are presenting to let them know that you are present. If you have handouts, please distribute them before your talk. If something goes wrong with the equipment during your talk, please ask the technical assistant to fix it.

For audio playback a standard mini-jack connected to an amplifier and speakers will be available.

WiFi is available but the connection might become rather unreliable when a large number of surfers are connecting to the same access point. Please avoid depending on an Internet connection for your presentation. While the YouTube video loading indicator can be mesmerizing, watching the indicator is not the main focus of ESCOM. Try to avoid it.