Conference Posters

A selection of conference posters provided by the participants can be found here (in PDF):


Anglada-Tort & Müllensiefen. Do song titles matter? The effects of linguistic fluency and emotionality on evaluations of music


Arman. Rhythm and trance: From Shamanism to Sufi tradition and psychedelic culture


Bisesi & Toiviainen. The relationship between musical structure and emotion in classical piano scores: A case study on the theme of La Folia


Brown & Krause. Psychological predictors of engagement in music piracy


Chełkowska-Zacharewicz & Janowski. Polish adaptation of GEMS – factor structure and reliability


Degrave & Dedonder. Validation of a French translation of the Goldsmiths Musical Sophistication Index, an instrument to assess self-reported musical skills and behaviors


Fiedler & Müllensiefen. Musical trajectories and creative orientation of music lessons affect the development of interest in ‘music’ in secondary schools’ students


Himberg, Förger, Niinisalo, et al. Social eMotions


Krause & Davidson. Cross-cultural evidence for promoting life-long musical investment through music education: Exploring best practice approaches


Küssner & Eerola. Music-induced visual imagery and its correlates with musical skills: Findings from an online survey


Loaiza. Back to the wild: Social interactions need a non-individualistic explanatory unit


Martínez, Damesón, Pérez, et al. Participatory sense making in jazz performance: Agents’ expressive alignment


Martínez, Pérez, Damesón, et al. Playing with the phantom: Human-virtual interactions in jazz performance


Meissner & Timmers. Young musicians’ views on their learning of expressive performance within an action research project


Mendoza & Thompson. Segmentation of bodily gestures induced by music


Pérez-Acosta & Yáñez-Suárez. Cerebral electrical activity triggered by music imagery and music perception: A comparative EEG study


Rinne & Huovinen. Expert pianists’ stylistic assessment of musical notation from brief glances


Ruth. The influence of attention and familiarity on the effects of music with prosocial lyrics


Ruth & Spangardt. Product placements in popular music


Spangardt & Ruth. Effects of vocals in advertising songs


Stirnat. Perceived spaciousness in music using different reproduction techniques: Analysis of musical cues


Ulor, Jakubowski, & Müllensiefen. Testing the role of involuntary musical imagery in novel music learning


Van Noorden, Vargas-Cañas, Bolaños, et al. Sedative sound and music computing


Vurma. Glottal adduction and spectral envelope variation at singing diatonic scales with different dynamic shapings