SEMPRE Conference Award 

SEMPRE_master-logoSEMPRE has offered Conference Awards to presenting delegates. They were awarded to students and unwaged delegates, on the basis of merit, financial need, and geographic representation, to assist with the cost of attending the event. A total of 32 participants were given varying levels of support based on their needs for a total grant of £9500 or €10740.

Awards have been distributed to the following participants:

Manuel Anglada-Tort, Zaariyah Bashir, Leonardo Bonetti, Fatima Sofia Avila Cascajares, Alvaro Chang, Yong Jeon Cheong, Anja-Xiaoxing Cui, Kathryn Emerson, Gerben Groeneveld, Marvin Heimerich, Livia Itaborahy, Christoph Karnop, Kevin Kaiser, Sabrina Kierdorf, Iza Korsmit, Lisa Krüger, Jasmin Pfeifer, David Ricardo Quiroga Martínez, Marta Rizzonelli, Sabrina Sattmann, Kimberly Severijns, Anuj Shukla, Eline Smit, Jan Stupacher, Elianne van Egmond, Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen, Margarida Vasconcelos, Carlos Vaquero, Qian Wang, Olivia Wen, Zyxcban Wolfs, and Harun Yörük.

ESCOM Young Researcher Award

ESCOM awards a Young Researcher Award to a PhD (or Master) student who submits a high quality proceedings paper in the field of music perception and cognition. Firstly, overall quality and originality of all submitted abstracts were assessed and afterwards, a shortlist was drawn based on the review ratings of the submitted abstracts. After submission of the proceedings papers, another round of reviews was organised starting from this shortlist and finally, the members of the Award Selection Committee selected the award winner. The committee consisted of Marc Leman (chair of ESCOM 2017), Richard Parncutt (president of ESCOM), and Renee Timmers (vice-president of ESCOM).


The Award Selection Committee has decided to grant the ESCOM Young Researcher Award to:

Jan Stupacher: Go with the flow: Subjective fluency of performance is associated with sensorimotor synchronization accuracy and stability

Ghent University Award

Ghent University awards a Researcher Award to a second researcher who submits a high quality proceedings paper in the field of music perception and cognition. For this award, all researchers (also senior researchers) who submitted a proceedings paper were taken into account. The selection procedure was identical to that of the ESCOM Young Researcher Award.


The Award Selection Committee has decided to grant the Ghent University Award to:

Kathryn Emerson: Seeing the music in their hands: How conductors’ depictions shape the music


During the conference, the winners of the ESCOM Young Researcher Award and Ghent University Award will receive a money prize (€ 200) and a selection of books on Systematic Musicology, and will present their research during a special plenary session of ESCOM 2017.