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Book of Abstracts


The complete Book of Abstracts (including all abstracts, welcome texts, and more info about the committees, the awards, the concerts, and the presentation guidelines):


ESCOM 2017 Book of Abstracts


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Conference Proceedings


The  Conference Proceedings can be downloaded fully or as separate Proceedings papers. Note: Due to a mistake on our side, the paper of Paschalidou, S. Clayton, M., & Eerola, T. can only be downloaded as a separate paper.


Full Proceedings:


ESCOM 2017 Proceedings


Individual Proceedings Papers (arranged in alphabetical order):


Addessi, A. R., Anelli, F., & Maffioli, M. Children dancing with the MIROR-Impro: Does the reflexive interaction enhance movement creativity?


Bannister, S, & Eerola, T. Musically-Induced Chills: The Effects of “Chills Sections” in Music


Bisesi, E. , & Toiviainen, P. The Relationship Between Musical Structure and Emotion in Classical Piano Scores: A Case Study on the Theme of La Folia


Bressan, F., Vets, T., Lesaffre, M., & Leman, M. A Multimodal Interactive Installation for Collaborative Music Making: From Preservation to Enhanced User Design


Buhmann, J., Moens, B., Lorenzoni, V., & Leman, M. Shifting the Musical Beat to Influence Running Cadence


Caramia, D., Romani, A., & Palmieri, M. G. Music Influence on Visual and Motor Cortex: A Synesthetic Activity Explored with Evoked Potentials


Cheong, Y. J., Will, U., & Lin, Y.-Y. Do Vocal and Instrumental Primes Affect Word Processing Differently? An fMRI Study on the Influence of Melodic Primes on Word Processing in Chinese Musicians and Non-musicians


Coorevits, E., Maes, P.-J., & Leman, M. Gesture in the Communication and Control of Musical Timing


Cupellini, E., Cooperstock, J. R., Olivetti Belardinelli, M. The Sound Motion Controller: A Distributed System for Interactive Music Performance


Desmet, F., Lesaffre, M., Six, J., Ehrlé, N., & Samson, S. Multimodal Analysis of Synchronization Data from Patients with Dementia


Emerson, K., Williamson, V., & Wilkinson, R. Seeing the Music in their Hands: How Conductors’ Depictions Shape the Music


Haugen, M. R. Investigating Musical Meter as Shape: Two Case Studies of Brazilian Samba and Norwegian Telespringar


Herzog, M. , Lepa, S., Steffens, S., Schoenrock, A., & Egermann, H. Predicting Musical Meaning in Audio Branding Scenarios


Higgs, G., & Furlong, D. Music Composition for Deaf and Hearing Alike; The Sense Ensemble, Study #1 – Merging Performance with Clinical Study to Examine the Cross-Modal and Intersubjective Nature of Musical Experience


Himberg, T., Förger, K., Niinisalo, M., Nuutinen, J., & Lehmus, J. Social eMotions: Exploring Emotional Expression and Contagion in Contemporary Dance


Howlin, C., Orgs, G., & Vicary, S. The Impact of Soundtrack Congruency on the Aesthetic Experience of Contemporary Dance: Exploring Aesthetic Interaction in Terms of Arousal and Enjoyment Ratings in Three Audio Settings


Kaiser, K., & Heimerich, M. Investigating the Development of Joint Attentional Skills in Early Ontogeny through Musical Joint Action


Kayser, D. Facing a New Era in Studying Music-Induced Emotions – How Letting Go of the Status Quo May Help Seeing the Seemingly Invisible


Korsmit, I. R., Burgoyne, J. A., & Honing, H. If You Wanna Be My Lover… A Hook Discovery Game to Uncover Individual Differences in Long-term Musical Memory


Li, S., & Timmers, R. Exploring Pianists’ Embodied Concepts of Piano Timbre: An Interview Study


Lorenzoni, V., Van Dyck, E., & Leman, M. Effect of Music Synchronization on Runners’ Foot Strike Impact


Martínez, I. C., Damesón, J., Pérez, J., Ghiena, A. P., Tanco, M., & Alimenti Bel, D. Participatory Sense Making in Jazz Performance: Agents’ Expressive Alignment


Mendoza, J. I., & Thompson, M. R. Modelling Perceived Segmentation of Bodily Gestures Induced by Music


Moens, B., Van Noorden, L., de Wilde, W., Lesaffre, M., Cambier, D., Dotov, D., Santens, P., Blomme, J., Soens, H., & Leman, M. Effects of Adaptive-tempo Music-based RAS for Parkinson’s Disease Patients


Mooren, N., Burgoyne, J. A., & Honing, H. Investigating Grouping Behaviour of Dancers in a Silent Disco Using Overhead Video Capture


Paschalidou, S. Clayton, M., Eerola, T. Mapping Physical Effort to Gesture and Sound during Interactions with Imaginary Objects in Hindustani Vocal Music


Schurig, E. Re-performing Everyday Life Through Music


Six, J., Arens, L., Demoor, H., Kint, T., & Leman, M. Regularity and Asynchrony When Tapping to Tactile, Auditory and Combined Pulses


Stolzenburg, F. Periodicity Detection by Neural Transformation


Stupacher, J., Witte, M., & Wood, G. Go with the Flow: Subjective Fluency of Performance is Associated with Sensorimotor Synchronization Accuracy and Stability


Y¨örük, H., & Mungan, E. Statistical Summary Representations in Music-Like Perception